The FY 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program

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Breaking: The draft TIP Report is now available! See the document here: FY 2020-2023 MATS TIP draft

Announcing the Development of the new Transportation Improvement program for fiscal years 2020-2023

The TIP is a four-year, fiscally constrained, rolling, four-year capital investment program, which provides a prioritized list of multi-modal transportation projects (including road, resurfacing, signalization, bridge, bicycle & pedestrian, transit, and safety) within the Metropolitan Planning Area. Its cooperatively developed every four-years and approved by the MATS Policy Committee. The TIP provides an overview of how transportation revenues will be invested over a four-year period by state and local agencies that have legal responsibility to build, operate, and maintain that state's highway, street, and public transit systems. 

A transportation improvement program (TIP) is a United States federally mandated requirement (49 U.S.C. § 5303 (j)) for all metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs). The TIP, also known as a short-range plan, lists all transportation projects in an MPO's metropolitan planning area that seek federal transportation funding within at least a four-year horizon.[1]

The vision established in the MPO’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Towards 2045, guides the project selection process, along with performance measures adopted or supported by MATS.

As you can see from the graphic above, this is an involved process. As we proceed through the major phases of this project, we’ll post more information here on this page. Bookmark it for easy access, and look for a notification on the front page of our website.

Public Outreach

Opportunities for public involvement will occur throughout the development of the FY 2020-23 TIP. Eligible project proposals will be presented at our public committee meetings, to inform residents of potential projects and get feedback. Additionally, along with the Federal and State agencies, the public will have the opportunity to review the draft TIP document in the Summer of 2019, before final approval. During this public review period, meetings will be held across the MPO Planning Area.

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Proposed FY 2020-2023 STUL-funded Projects

The table below shows the projects that have been preliminarily selected to be funded with Federal funding allocated specifically to the MATS urban area. These funds are called STUL funds, and MATS is directly responsible for their planning and programming. Other types of transportation projects, such as transit projects and interstate highways, are programmed by agencies such as the Michigan Department of Transportation, and MATS is only indirectly responsible for their approval to use other Federal funds. Those other projects will be presented here near the end of February, 2019. To open the table in another window and larger size, click the picture.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the projects that will eventually be represented in the TIP. Throughout the month of February, 2019 MATS will be receiving and programming into our database project updates from transit systems and MDOT as well. These projects, funded from a variety of Federal sources, still need to be in the TIP, and “fiscally constrained”, i.e. realistically programmed in terms of probable available funding.

The TIP is not so much a construction timeline as it is a financial program for scheduling and obligating federal funds. As such it represents the intent to construct or implement a specific project.