Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Non-motorised transportation includes walking and bicycling, and variants such as small-wheeled transport (cycle rickshaws, skates, skateboards, push scooters and hand carts) and wheelchair travel.


Non-Motorized Transportation Plan was created by the Midland Area Transportation Study (MATS) to provide a structured way of enhancing non-motorized transportation within its boundaries and promoting development of an NMT system that is comprehensive, connected, usable and safe.

In order to accomplish that, the NMT Plan is comprised of two elements in addition to establishing a clear objective. First, the Plan incorporates a Complete Streets Policy & Program, adopted by MATS in July 2014 (and included as part of this NMT Plan). It is a measure of a balanced transportation system and a guide in encompassing the needs of ALL users in the planning, designing and implementing transportation projects. It contains a requirement to review all programmed transportation projects for potential incorporation of NMT facilities. As a result, a standardized form “MATS TIP Project Complete Streets Review” has been developed and is included in this NMT Plan together with related rules as to when such a form is to be submitted.


Secondly, the Plan pinpoints future NMT network opportunities, i.e. identifying viable non-motorized projects for construction (with the intent of expanding or connecting the existing infrastructure). As a result, a standardized form “MATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Project Proposal” has been developed and is included in this NMT Plan.  MATS asked each local agency to submit NMT project proposals, the approved projects are part of this NMT Plan.

Better non-motorized transportation systems will improve the attractiveness and livability of the community. By providing this infrastructure, both recreational and transportation needs of the MATS area are addessed, while realizing social, environmental, economic and health benefits – all positive effects. Another benefit is that NMT Plan lends support and justification for funding requests by local units of government; NMT projects that are part of or connect with regional non-motorized network in an adopted plan are looked at more favorably by funding agencies from state and federal programs.

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