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MATS strives to ensure that public input plays a considerable role in the transportation planning process. We address this goal by providing opportunities for stakeholders and the public to contribute input during the development of programs and reports. Our Public Participation Plan sets out guidelines regarding public involvement and how they are incorporated into documents such as the Long Range Plan, as well as our everyday activities.

Transportation planning involves a great deal of activity before the orange barrels go out or the buses start running.  A comprehensive transportation planning process includes public input at many stages.  We encourage you to get involved through:


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Public involvement is a critical element in the transportation planning process.

Objectives of the MATS Public Participation Plan:

  • Create a plan that will enable MATS to improve and increase public participation into the transportation planning process.

  • Develop measures to prevent the denial of, reduction in, or significant delay in the receipt of transportation benefits by low-income and minority population.

  • Facilitate participation of non-traditional participants in the planning process.

  • Provide and encourage timely and early participation to ensure the opportunity for comment (by stakeholders and the public) on transportation decisions.

  • Develop transportation plans and projects that reflect MATS' communities’ values.

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