Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council Receives Special Tribute from Governor Snyder

October 24, 2018 -- The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) received a special tribute from Governor Rick Snyder at its annual fall conference in Marquette Tuesday. The tribute was presented to members of the TAMC by Therese Empie, Senior Strategy Advisor from the Office of the Governor.

     The Governor praised TAMC for its efforts to improve Michigan’s infrastructure through the promotion of asset management techniques and performance measurement. Referring to the council’s efforts, the text of the tribute recognized TAMC for its best practices “as they support the development of asset management methodologies and provide education and training on the benefits of developing road improvement programs through the use of asset management principles and procedures.”

      “It’s an honor for TAMC to be recognized,” said Chairperson Joanna I. Johnson. “We share this with all of the transportation agencies across the state for years of collaboration, data gathering and promoting asset management principles to make data driven decisions."

     Johnson, the Managing Director of the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County, represents the County Road Association of Michigan for the TAMC.

     Three additional TAMC members were present at the event, including Derek Bradshaw, Director-Coordinator for the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission, representing the Michigan Association of Regions; Robert Slattery, emcee for the event and Director of the Department of Public Works for the City of Burton, representing the Michigan Municipal League; and Brad Wieferich, Director of the Bureau of Development for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), representing MDOT.

The educational conference included representatives from cities and villages, county road commissions, MDOT and the private sector. Topics discussed included recent condition data for roads and bridges, comparison of geology and soil types with road conditions, capital preventive maintenance techniques, the potential benefits of bundling bridge projects, the results of TAMC’s recent culvert pilot project, and a discussion of recent state legislation creating the Michigan Infrastructure Council and the Water Asset Management Council.

     Transportation asset management is a process of managing public assets, such as roads and bridges, based on the long-range condition of the entire transportation system. TAMC, created in 2002 by the Michigan Legislature, promotes the concept that the transportation system is unified, rather than separated by jurisdictional ownership. Its mission is to recommend an asset management strategy to the Michigan Infrastructure Council and provide an annual report to the Michigan Infrastructure Council, the State Transportation Commission, the legislature, and the transportation committees of the house and senate each year.


Chair: Joanna Johnson, CRA; Vice-Chair: Bill McEntee, CRA; Bob Slattery, MML; Gary Mekjian, MML;

Jon Start, MTPA; Brad Wieferich, MDOT; Don Disselkoen, MAC;

Derek Bradshaw, MAR; Jennifer Tubbs, MTA; Rob Surber, MCSS



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269-381-3170 ext. 220   jjohnson@kalamazoocountyroads.com

Bryan Gillett