Federal Transportation Investment in MATS’ Area Significantly Increases

MIDLAND, Mi., December 3rd, 2018- The Midland Area Transportation Study (MATS) has released its Annual Report, showing increased Federal funding obligated in the MATS area for Fiscal Year 2018, for roads and transit. State and Local funds are included in the report for reference.

The 2018 MATS Annual Report:

• Shows that overall Federal investment in the MATS area is up sharply over FY 2017.

• Federal funding increased from 8.3 to 31 million dollars, with roads and bridges being the largest beneficiary, particularly the new M-20 Bridge.

• Some of this investment continues to be due to emergency funding related to the June 2017 flooding.

• Transit obligations have returned to historical levels, at 1.6 million. This is partially due to 5 new buses purchased by local Transit agencies.

According to MATS Director Maja Bolanowska, these obligations "are small MPO area surface transportation, safety, rural roads, transit operating and transit capital funds. They allow many projects to be completed. All these categories of funding represent federal gas tax revenues coming back to the local community”.

About the Midland Area Transportation Study: MATS is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Midland Area, established in January 2013. MATS focuses on regional transportation planning services and helps to create intergovernmental cooperation. MATS is a policy-making agency, developing transportation plans and programming Federal-aid projects while providing public outreach regarding transportation issues. The MATS metropolitan planning region is defined as the entire geographic County of Midland, the geographic area of City of Auburn and Williams Township within Bay County and Tittabawassee Township in Saginaw County. For additional information, please visit www.midlandmpo.org or call (989) 832-6333.

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Bryan Gillett