League of Michigan Bicyclists Announces Safe Passing Law

Via the League of Michigan Bicyclists:

LMB is very pleased that Governor Snyder signed HB 4198, 4265, and 4185 into law on June 29, 2018! Our bills are now Public Acts 277, 279, and 280 of 2018. PA 279 and 280 require motorists to give three feet of space as they pass bicyclists on the roadways. You can read more about the safe passing law and get answers to frequently asked questions on our website.

Although the passage of our safe passing law is a huge victory, there is still plenty of work to do. We must work together to spread the word about the new law. LMB has developed safe passing lawn signs, buttons, and stickers, similar to the image below, that will allow you to show your support and help spread the word to the general public about the new law.

Bryan Gillett