Asset Management Council Releases 2018 Road & Bridge Report

May 3, 2019 – The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council (TAMC) delivered the Michigan

2018 Annual Road and Bridge Report to the Michigan Legislature and for the first time, the Michigan

Infrastructure Council (MIC) per Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 247.659a(9). "We look forward to

coordinating TAMC data on our roads and bridges, with the MIC and the Water Asset Management Council

(WAMC) going forward", stated Joanna I. Johnson TAMC Chair.

During 2018, the TAMC rated the pavement condition of the paved federal-aid eligible roads for the

fourteenth consecutive year. "The report reveals further deterioration of Michigan’s federal aid eligible

roads as there are more miles rated as poor than fair", stated Johnson. The 2018 condition data indicates

41% of these roads are in poor condition, 38% are in fair condition, and 21% are in good condition; in

2017, the breakdown was 40% poor, 40% fair, and 20% good.

The report also includes data on the condition of all bridges in Michigan. An analysis of the bridge

condition data indicates that bridge owners are “losing ground” due to an aging inventory and rising costs

for repair and replacement. This year’s report reveals Michigan has 10.7% of bridges rated as “structurally


The 2018 Annual Road and Bridge Report can be viewed, along with other past reports, at This effort was achieved through a cooperative effort of individuals from the

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), city and village and county road agencies, in

coordination with regional planning agencies, and metropolitan planning organizations.

View road and bridge conditions, interactive dashboards and learn more about

Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council:

For more information, contact Roger Belknap, TAMC Coordinator

(517) 335-4580 or

Bryan Gillett