Selected Federal Agency Announcements


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From time to time MATS receives information from the East Michigan Council of Governments, and other sources, regarding opportunities for Federal grants and other funding. We publish that information here, if possible with the original documentation and links provided to us. The accuracy of this information is subject to the original content providers and MATS assumes no responsibility therefor.


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Below is a summary of new items in the August 26th document (attached to this email) regarding federal funding opportunities and resources:from 16 federal agencies that offer Opportunity Zone benefits


Opportunity Zones:  EDA now has an EDA Opportunity Zone web page.  HUD has updated the "List of Federal Programs" offering Opportunity Zone benefits.  There are now 143 grants and programs that offer Opportunity Zone benefits.  See pages 2-3 of the attached document for additional information.


EPA Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization Grant Opportunity -EPA is soliciting applications for eligible entities to provide training, research and technical assistance to facilitate the inventory of brownfield sites, site assessments, remediation, community involvement or site preparation.  See page 3 of the attached document for details.


Federal Funding Opportunities Closing Dates:  see the table on page 5 of the attached document for closing dates for numerous funding opportunities.


Local Foods, Local Places Webinar on September 4th - EPA overview of the Local Foods, Local Places technical assistance program and selection criteria for the 2019-2020 application. See page 7 of the attached document for details.


Census  Business Builder - the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has incorporated the quarterly census of employment and wages data into the web data tool Census Business Building.  See page 8 of the attached document for further information and a link to the site.


CDBG and Non-Profit Organizations Partnerships - HUD has issued new clarifying guidance to further advance and leverage partnerships between Community Development Block grant (CDBG) grantees and subrecipients at the local level.  See page 9 of the attached document for further information.


Disaster Recovery Resources and Information - see pages 10-11 of the attached document for the latest information.